Thursday, June 11, 2015

3 Fun Pranks to Pull Off

1. Offer one of your rarest items for an item that doesn't exist.

2. Get adopted and act insane like a total lunatic.

3. While someone is sitting down at your den, silently slide some reindeer poop from the Jamaalidays underneath them.
(no picture)


  1. This may sound weird but Rainbow poop is bae

  2. What did you do to jamaa crime scene. I check my blogger dashboard and all I see movie things I click on it and it brings me to jamaa crime scene

    1. I deleted it, like, 8 months ago. Don't you remember that?

    2. I know but it's a movie thing now and is back

    3. A movie thing...?

      Well, all I can remember is deleting it. Nothing more, nothing less...

    4. Oh, the same thing with me! On my Blogger Dashboard, there were so many posts by this movie critic type blog. And when I clicked on it, the URL said your Jamaa Crime Scene's URL. But the blog was about movies from 1980s - early 2000s, and was all in German (well, that's what the translate thing said). O.O

  3. I used to go up to random people and yell "IT'S REALLY YOU I'M A BIG FAN I WATCH YOUR VIDEOS"
    I got some pretty good reactions

  4. This blog is pretty good! Good work! I will defenitly follow, share this blog, and check out these pranks


  5. i just tryed this and people went crazy!


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