Monday, June 15, 2015

Contest Help

So I have decided I won't be hosting contests anymore. I bet you've probably already noticed that by the lack of posts on the contest blog.

While contests are fun, they are a lot of work for me. Several months ago, I started to dread pulling up contests because it was more of a chore than a hobby. Besides, with constant begging to set up more and more contests, whenever I'd visit that contest blog I'd always have a big ugly frown.

Although there are many exciting contest ideas I had in mind, it's just too stressful to organize them, especially with the limited time I have.

Therefore, I have plenty of prizes left that needed to be handed out. You can say it's my liquidation sale.

Do you think I should just host a giant giveaway, or should I host one of the following contests:

- Summer Fashion Show
- Comic Contest (with a side contest of a poem contest)
- Name-the-Shop Contest
- Design-an-Item Contest (with a side of a raffle)
- Guess-the-Alpha Contest

Comment your thoughts and suggestions below.

Thank you! ^.^


  1. Sorry that it hasn't been fun :(

    I choose the Comic Contest (with a side contest of a poem contest) Because I think It would be fun to create your comic, and if you need any help with the prizes, I can donate stuff. :)


  2. awwww:( This is like the only blog I know that does contests anymore basicslly:( Do you know any other popular blogs that do contests? Maybe you do a contest once every two months? I think you should do the giveaway but it's up to you to decide:)

  3. How about a comic contest?

    -formerly Balaur

  4. I think the summer fashion contest :)

  5. Aww, I totally understand. I say do a ginormous giveaway!

    - cerval

  6. I would, personally, do the design-an-item contest or comic/poem contest. I love poems!
    But in the end, it's your choice, so feel free to do whatever.

  7. I think you should hold a Summer Fashion Show

  8. Please do both, the comic contest and the summer fashion show, and have seperate prizes for both. >:1

    1. Maybe I"ll do neither of them because it's quite hard to manage hosting a contest and breathing up in here with your stank attitude in the way.

    2. ??? What did she say I don't understand why you said "I'll do neither of them because it's quite hard to manage hosting a contest and breathing up in here with your stank attitude in the way"?

    3. She did an angry face at me.. I do not like it when people do angry faces. It makes me feel like they are unappreciative of what I try to do.

  9. I think you should do a summer fashion show or maybe a giveaway! That would be fun :)

  10. Summer Fashion Show sounds fun. Though it may be difficult so you could also do a giveaway if a fashion show is too hard to do.

  11. Awww Naffy <3 ;A;
    I don't have a right to vote since I won't participate haha ;u; I just don't have any use for AJ items >w<


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