Saturday, May 26, 2018

Dire Wolves vs Saber Tooth Tigers

Hi Jammers! I spotted something a little interesting the other day.

In the latest Jamaa Journal, the page that introduces the dire wolves concludes with two questions referring to the relationship between the saber tooth tigers and the dire wolves:

"How will these ancient animals fare together?"
"Will they be allies, or adversaries?"

After doing some quick research, I discovered that saber tooth tigers and dire wolves actually lived in close proximity while they roamed the earth.

Later on, I logged into Animal Jam and noticed that the new homepage has a peculiar detail...

See the two banners? One has a saber tooth tiger on it, and the other has a dire wolf.

Is AJHQ hinting towards a battle between these two creatures, or perhaps an event similar to the VidCon games? Since VidCon is coming up soon, it would make sense to revamp it in a way because the games were so popular among the community.

What do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments.



  1. I really hope this will be a story or something and not just a "Hint Hint" for Vidcon..

  2. A battle? That would def be a first for AJ. sounds p cool, anyhow. :)

  3. naf naf naf naf naf idea idea

    In the Temple of the Ancients, there's a pillar with a pet sabertooth tiger on top. A waterfall is to the right of it, then stairs, then another waterfall. And to the right of that waterfall is a pillar with... AN EGG!
    I think this means pet dire wolves are coming soon! :D


  4. Huh cool idea sneezy can i buddy u on aj?

  5. Cool Idea! AJ's never been very friendly towards battles, but you never know with them! If they have a battle, I'm voting for Sabertooths. NO OFFENSE TO PEOPLE WHO LIKE DIREWOLVES!!

  6. Well it turns out to be something like that with the AJ box

  7. Hi! Space here! I was on Animal Jam today, and saw ppl arguing about this. I'm not on either team. Why would AJ do this to us? It's just like the Miracle and Zios war last year... Probably to do with Vidcon. Wonder what will happen next? A Pink Fluffy Unicon Dancing on a Rainbow? We will have to find out! See ya! :3 -Space-

  8. Hi again! Space here! (Again) And I have a few questions... 1. In the temple of the anchent's is that like the lost temple of Mira like the lost temple of Zios? 2. Will more extinct animals come to Jamma? 3. Will anymore secrets be reviled in the temple of the ancents? 4. Who are the Alphas of the dire wolves and sabertooth tigers? And 5. WHERE WERE YOU ON THE NIGHT OF TOMORROW?! (Sorry, it's a movie thing... here's 5) 5. In the top of the lost temple of Zios, there you can buy Alpha statues, where are the ones for Sabertooth, Dire wolves, Artic wolves, Snowlepards, Red pandas and Artic foxes? Well, that's it for questions! If anyone knows, let me know! :3 -Space-

  9. Space again. I forgot to say on my questions coment if anyone wonders wich team on on, (sabertooth or dire wolves) I'm on nether. This whole battle is for vidcon. Though I am on one team, The Rebles. The Rebles are the ppl that are not on ANY team. Whos with me?! Good luck to the ones in battle... -Space-


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