Sunday, May 6, 2018

DEBATE: Is the Animal Jam Community Failing?

For a lot of people, the Animal Jam community, as well as the game itself, seems rather lifeless. There are not enough new and exciting things occurring to keep the community thriving - if you know what I mean. Give your opinion on the topic above by commenting on this post. I would love to hear what you guys have to say.


  1. I still love AJ just as much as when I started, I still play it alot, Get excited for updates, And I 'm crazy over the toys and box subscription. As for the community, I still feels it's just the same as before, But I honestly really just got involved in the community. I just hope that AJ will live on, And the community will continue to grow.

  2. One of the many reasons why I stay away from the AJ side of YouTube is that it seems a lot of the drama/emptiness is over there. YouTube videos are easier to make money on than blogging, so there's a ton of clickbait and merchandise-pushes.

    I don't think the community is necessarily failing. In fact, I think a lot of the emptiness felt is just a result of the community EXPANDING. When there's more people, it's less tight-knit and more chaotic.

    The animal jam community is so big now that of course, there's more likelihood for drama and negativity and stuff. That's why I try to create my own little positive AJ community on my blog, and it seems you do, too C:

    I like this debate idea, Nafaria!!! I feel like stealing it XD


  3. I agree I feel as if after the eclipse the community kinda fell. I also feel as if the new land is kinda messed up. They could have added games or better journal prizes.

  4. Though it could easily be argued that there were events prior to the one I'm about to mention that began the downfall of Animal Jam. I genuinely believe what I'm about to mention was the point the game truly started on the downward spiral that has led to the creation of the rushed, mediocre content we've been receiving lately. I think that when Animal Jam became active on social media was the same time the game came crumbling down, and I think I can put my finger on exactly why: Pandering.

    Though I won't blame Animal Jam's decline on their presence on social media, I will say with confidence that that is when Animal Jam began to pander to its audience. It was around this time that Animal Jam began to make updates based off of the suggestions of what the younger audience of Animal Jam can only imagine as "the most awesome thing ever". Golden Spiked Collars. Rainbow Spiked Collars. I could think of 100+ more examples. The issue with a lot of these is how they're actually made. They come out, not as dreamed, but as a lackluster attempt to replicate what the audience dreamed of.

    Prior to this. Animal Jam made what they wanted, and did what they wanted.
    These updates were, for the most part, amazing. Why? Because we, as the audience, didn't expect them, because they were WildWork's own creative work, as opposed to simply trying their best to pander to what the audience wants.

    My answer is a clear and blatant, yes. The updates aren't enough to satisfy the community, and that's because WildWork's is too focused on attempting to replicate the audiences dreams, only to create a lackluster version. Updates, to me, and I think a good amount of others, were more enjoyable when they were WildWork's own creative works.

  5. I honesty agree. I used to love this game back in the summer days of 2017. AJHQ might be losing money because i logged in to the game at school and i saw ads. That may also explain why they are making so much new member benefits; They are losing money.

  6. Aj is getting cringier and cringier by the second. Dabbing horses, spikes, even players that use names like "XxEmoCatAJxX" or people who toxicated the game with their actions. "SAY 123 FOR GRILL FRIEND" "TRUST TRADE ME!! RECORDING!!" are a few examples of these actions. The playerbase grows each minute- aj wants to treat these newcomers with sparkly cool junk and user inspired items. I haven't played the game for a while- my membership expired and most of my virtual friends left- but i go on to check who is online and make my den look nice. I feel like the string holding my attachment to aj has been ripped off because of the new players. Of course not all of you are bad! Its great more people want to play aj. But SOME people are bad.

    Another example- aj YouTubers and people who claim they are youtubers. How do I start.. they cause lots of drama in the community. NO OFFENSE SINCE WE ALL ARE PRETTY OLD AJ PLAYERS NOW-We need to be careful with this game since kids are actually on here. No swearing or drama around the littles.

    I will continue this later-talonflame80841

  7. I often just go on AJ to chat with friends and RP. That's usually it.
    I do agree that the updates haven't been as good lately.... The newest animal for example. I really do kind of wish they take the time to come up with creative ideas when it comes to updates. People would rather wait longer for a good update then get updates that are completely rushed and sort of plain.

  8. Youtubers get money out of ads and just merch in general, probably only about one real friend every five thousand subscribers, if that bloggers dont have fans, they have friends. The only way the blogger community could fall apart is people quitting because there are probably only roughly 20-30 bloggers, while uncountable youtubers, I love how the blogging community is so closely knit.

  9. Animal Jam used to be so fun when it was simpler. And then it grew and changed. All I do nowadays is decorate dens/outfits.

  10. Hi. Welll.... Maybe. I love AJ will not ever stop jammin'! So i don't really agree too much so soso sorry

  11. agree... agree.. agree. I've nearly quit AJ by now.


  12. I only joined AJ about a year and a half ago, so I don't have a very good idea of what it was like. However, I do know that the AJ community used to be a lot more close-knit. I think it's good that the community is expanding. It definitely used to be different, but personally, I like the larger community and wider range of Jammers. That's just my opinion though <3

  13. Well, it's been a while since I commented here, and I don't even know if my account exists anymore.

    Anyways, I do sort of think that AJ is falling apart. For one thing, I believe that it's starting to be more targeted to younger players, like 5 year olds. I understand that they need money, and should cater for all players, but they've forgotten about the older players, the ones who will actually pay money without begging parents and such.

    I started playing in 2015, took a break in 2016, then gave it one last chance early 2017. What made the game so enjoyable back then, was how simple and fun it was. And sure, I was a non member, but I had so much fun, decorating my den, roaming around, whatever they had back then. Then as time rolled on, it more concentrated on members, and lots of lag came in, even on the smallest server.

    If AJ reverted back to it's old ways, I would probably rejoin. But for now, I'll stand on the sidines, and see what becomes of it.


  14. I'm considering playing AJPW instead, I've heard they have a better community due to the lack of membership and the fact that there's less players.

  15. Actually you're right not the same as Minecraft's. I don't play Minecraft but know a lot about it.

  16. I've basically dissapeared from the Animal Jam community. It doesn't interest me anymore. I can't express my opinions without getting muted it seems, which is quite annoying. I've grown out of my 11 year old obession with the game as i've gotten older and I just lost interest in it. I maybe only go on 4 times a month now. Of course I still miss my friends and the spicy drama that happens sometimes, but many of my friends aren't too active anymore, and there hasn't been any interesting drama since like 2014 so.. idk it just isn't my thing anymore.


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