Tuesday, May 8, 2018


Hey everyone! I made a mistake in the previous round for the fashion show, but I've fixed the error. Go ahead and vote on it!


  1. OK. Er... I kinda need to SEE the previous round to vote. BRB, OK?

  2. Can u post the previous round on here?? pls tyysmmm

  3. Wow this is hard! these r all good! I would say: Precious Arcticlilly. Sorry if that was u! You did good though. :)

  4. do you remember when you posted about aircle13 being hacked? i have a simaliar tale and this is it...
    today i made two new buddies on aj and one of them was called loony42. we played some adventures then we all logged out. later that day i wnet to her den and looked at her account then her elephant changed!!! (though shes nonmberer) and then it was all her animals!!! they were all wearing star hats and her wolfs color and pattern changed!! i am really confused how can sh change the looks of her elephant IF SHE I NOT ON AND SHES NONMEMBER!! i think its really reepy more than ur aircle13 story and i think is hould have a meeting with my buddies!!!

  5. Hi naffy-
    OK ill try. Ill look at the round, kay

  6. Yeah I just didnt vote for thsi one. srry


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