Thursday, December 3, 2015

Jamaaliday House Rant

Yes, it's that time again. Welcome to another rant post.

If you can't handle negativity/rant posts, you'd better leave, because... well, that's all there is to this post.

So, you may have already logged in to see the new update. It's not bad, really. I mean, there's not much new added to the game, but at least deer have returned and another seasonal Adventure is back, right?

But the "new" den isn't even NEW.

If you click on "preview", you might notice that almost EVERYTHING is EXACTLY the same as the Gingerbread House, except for a few more cinnamon roll sidewalks and a colorful candy gazebo on the far left side. :T

This is the same thing that happened with the Epic Haunted Manor.

See, this is exactly WHY I am NOT purchasing this den. >:(

Based on my current knowledge, it becomes apparent that AJHQ isn't being as creative as they should be.

They're taking dens they designed in the previous years, and then making slight adjustments here and there. 





  1. Ithoguht the same to when i clicked to see the gingerbread den. So I clicked preview and there are 2 or 3 new things not much of a difference though.

  2. Oh my gosh, I thought it was the exact same thing as the Gingerbread House den, just with a different name. DX

  3. I keep the ginger bread house I got my first aj Christmas for this reason. I wish ajhq would put some more time into their dens/items :(



    >.< copies of old dens with SLIGHT changes is NOT creative!!!

  5. Well AJ is making a new den, I just don't know when it will come out. They accidentally released a picture of it in an epic dens post. It reminds me of a geode.-cheer
    P.S. I totally agree with you on the dens thing

  6. I got it because it was like that, many older players don't own the den which is most likely why they returned. I kind of like that they added more space in this case, but the haunted manor is no longer as good in my personal opinion. I just want to point out the "new" dens are actually just been holiday dens. We normally don't get new dens around this time anyways, it's normally been the gingerbread house and the haunted mansion returning every year. I guess AJHQ just decided to update those dens to make them bigger this year (probably because they seem to like making bigger dens)

  7. I don't like this den very much at all. like who wants another version of an already made den? if you have the first version, you don't want to spend your diamonds on something that has a patio and a few more paths. didn't we already say that we liked having the smaller dens so we don't have to look for people so hard? This den is no different! and the fact that its in the diamond shop. aj should make cool dens to have in the normal den shop. We don't always want to have the biggest den on the market. My favorite den that I've decorated is the Mushroom hut which is really small. but it's still my favorite!

  8. i honestly liked the epic haunted manor but i think this is just ajhq being really lazy


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