Thursday, November 19, 2015

Jamaa Journal VOL. 160 Review

Hello! ^.^ I figured since today was an update day, why not try something new?

In this post, you will learn about not only the update (which you should already have by simply logging in), but my opinion on it.

Arctic foxes have arrived! They're actually not as macho as I thought. They may have poofy chest and tail fur, but their legs are literally sticks. o.o

THIS has to be my most favorite part about this new Jamaa Journal. For many years, Non-Members were restricted from changing the colors of their items, but now AJHQ has changed this rule! :D Both Members and Non-Members are allowed to change the color of their items. Now that's something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Yeah, yeah. Whatever...

Pet turkeys have also arrived in the Diamond Shop. I think they're kind of... weird. But the fox minibook has a quiz in the back of it, so be sure to take that, if you're feeling like you need an Arctic Fox trophy.

The Jamaalidays are my favorite Animal Jam holiday, mainly because of the gifts, the scenery, and the music. ^.^

The classic Jamaaliday Jam will be returning, as well as the pet reindeers. Nothing new here.

What do YOU think of this update?

Bye, Jammers! :)


  1. Yes! Finally, after years of our complaints, they've listened to us!

  2. Im happy that everyone can now change colors of their items, and, THE TURKEYS ARE SO FREAKING CUTE!!!!! :D

  3. Naffy! AJHQ must have watch ur video and decided "hey! That blogger has some good points!" Maybe they'll bring some of those other things into future updates (and future probably being like after most of us have forgotten what a "spike" was)

  4. 10\10
    Without the NM part, it would be 6/10.


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