Thursday, October 15, 2015

Continuing the Arctic Animal Line

It's Thursday. Another day in our week.

But it just so happens that Thursday is the very day the virtual world of Animal Jam is updated.

And in this update, yet ANOTHER animal will become available for the community to play as.

After SECONDS (whew, what an expedition!) of searching for a clue of what this new animal may be, my eyes landed on a carving in an ice block in Mt. Shiveer.

Ta-da! It's a fox!

The fact that the clue is carved in ice and is located in a snowy climate totally gives it away.

This is not an ordinary fox. It is an arctic fox.

So, here we have a wolf. One of the original animals from the beta stage of AJ.

Then, in December 2012, the Arctic Wolf, a more macho version of the wolf, came into Jamaa.

Now, three years from that time, they are recreating the fox and making an arctic fox. Yeah, a macho fox.

It seems to me like WildWorks is continuing the "Arctic" line of animals.

What are your opinions on this? Leave them in the comments below.


  1. I like the idea, but i'm wondering why they don't make coyotes, African wild dogs, and jackles. Honestly those would be more original then an arctic fox. And if they really want to try something new, they should add snakes or something.

    1. Yeah! I've been waiting for snakes for a long time. They've made pet snakes, and - ooh! What about spiders!? That would be cool, too!

  2. Oh my gosh yes!! i cant wait! :D

  3. Well, while the design looks a lot better than the lynx, as I look at the carving, I feel like AJHQ needs to be more creative... c:

    ~Star/bluepop777/Dew Drop (I changed the username)

  4. Hey Naffy! To me this actually looks like a red panda. I mean, red pandas are in Mt. Shiveer for the journey book, so it would make sense for the red panda clue to be there. Plus, look at the position - AJ foxes are usually depicted standing.

    1. I guess you're right. Red pandas would be a nice addition to Jamaa, but I'm pretty sure it's an arctic fox... oh well, I suppose we just wait and see.

  5. A long time ago they had a poll for the next new animal. The options were harp seals, polar bears, or arctic foxes. It's good to see arctic foxes are finally coming out after like 4 years... Except the silhouette just looks like a mix between original foxes and those lynxes which do not look like AJ animals at all. They look too round and 3D or something. Plus, if it's anything like the llamas, they won't change the picture back to a seal after they come out : (

  6. I can't wait!! Just the head does a seem super round

  7. "Yeah, a macho fox."

    Love your analogies. XD

    An arctic fox sounds really cute. And that epic fluffy tail is super intense.

    1. Arctic foxes are cute. I'd like to see how Animal Jam beats out the original fox with this new one (unless it's a red panda... but I'm almost 100% positive it's an arctic fox).


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