Monday, October 26, 2015

Animal Jam Blog Contests

Hey, Jammers! ^.^ After ticking the amazing 470,000 views mark, I have decided to host a contest. But, oh, so many kinds of contests to choose from!

Hmm... I know for fact I can't make the decision on my own.

Wait! I've got it!

Why don't YOU guys help me out?

I'll list as many contest ideas I can think of, and then in the comments below, vote your top three favorites. :) You may also suggest more contest ideas, if you have any.

Let's get started!

1. Fashion Show
2. Art Contest
3. Writing Contest
4. Video Contest/AJMV Contest
5. Trivia Contest
6. Poem Contest
7. Photo Contest
8. Raffle
9. Animal Jam Comic Contest
10. Spot-It Contest
11. Riddle Contest
12. True or False Contest
13. Party Planner Contest
14. Book Contest
15. Spooky Story Contest
16. Quote Contest
17. Halloween Den Contest

Any ideas that you suggest will be added to the list as soon as possible. Thanks! ^.^


  1. Raffle and writing contest please.

  2. Oh Poem contest is cool too.

  3. Quote quote or photo contest or art contest

  4. Fashion show, true or false, and spot it contest
    I also have a contest idea, a best Halloween den contest

  5. An art contest will be cool. :3

  6. writing contest about jamaa legends

  7. i would rather not have a writing or art contest because i personally have no time for those, but the others would be fun

  8. SPOOKY STORY CONTEST!!!-cyacheer

  9. I'd prefer a writing contest. If you'd let me join. Or a fashion show.

  10. Writing :D WRITING!!!

  11. Writing or poem is my opinion, but all these contests are cool so you should choose cuddly6342

  12. Writing, fashion show, art, poem. would you please please please please please please PLEASEEEEEEEEE Add all of them?? Thanks so much, Naffy! U rock!


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