Tuesday, March 24, 2020

just quarantine things

how are y'all holding up with this crazy coronavirus stuff going on? my school's been cancelled until may 1st but if I'm being honest they'll probably just end the school year completely if this keeps up (which it will). it sucks because I'm a senior in high school so all of the end-of-year activities such as senior cotillion and a girls choice dance might be cancelled or postponed, heck I don't even know if I'll have a graduation! class of 2020 really got the short end of the stick

let me know in the comments what the pandemic is like in your area!


  1. Our school has been cancelled until April 27th, but the DOE in our state says that it may just be cancelled until fall. I'm a senior too, so I'm really nervous about possibly missing prom or graduation.

  2. I'm doing pretty good with this, and honestly I feel bad for you, Naf. If I was a sr. I would be feeling bummed too. But all of us viewers are there for you!! :D Always remember that. <3

  3. my school has been canceled for like the rest of the year, kinda sucks. i was gonna visit Disney world for the first time ever but that also got canceled, along with my boyfriend's and i's prom. At least my dress wasn't too expensive. my classes are gonna be online the rest of the year which i guess isnt too bad but im stuck at home for a while, cant see my friends or boyfriend :/ i got the new animal crossing game though which has kept me occupied
    miss you and hope you're doing well, crazy how time flies <3

  4. ocean (formerly elizaboo1104)April 6, 2020 at 3:23 PM

    my school got canceled too and it sucks because it's my last year at the school i'm at. my favorite show just ended like a week ago and it's pretty sad. i kinda miss you and AJ sometimes :( -elizaboo1104

  5. Luckily I am not a senior in hs yet, I am a junior. I hope it is gone before I am a senior. In my county there are only four active cases of COVID-19.


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