Wednesday, July 31, 2019


how are y'all it's been a phat minute since i've stopped by to say hello so here we are lol


  1. Hey! How are you?
    It's been awhile since I've been on here! Wowie!!! I miss this but Life goes on. ;p
    -Bluebellover aka Lily

  2. Hey there.. what do you think of Animal Jam these days? What are you up to?
    - Rosydaisy30603

    1. i havent really kept up with the community but its interesting that all of the major aj youtubers quit lol

  3. Hey Naffy!! Sorry I haven't commented sooner, I totally forgot this post popped up in my dashboard. How are you and life? I occassionally notice you go on AJ still to check it out I guess. Did you hear about the new Feral game coming sooner for teens that are too old for AJ?

  4. i'm still alive
    it has been forever since i've been here and you were an aj icon for me
    i just got the urge to check here today for some reason
    i hope life is going good for you bye byeeeee !
    - tjsummy

  5. I'm really late but oh wow I missed you and this blog
    I barely play AJ anymore but you hopefully remember me? (I'm Elizaboo1104 but I never use that name online anymore)

  6. i havent been on here in a fat minute lmao
    i like looking back at this blog sometimes because it brings back so many memories lol, i dont know how you could tolerate me when i was really annoying in elementary school/middle school. Im a sophmore now in high scool and i can see why you had to stop the blog once you got older, not a lot of free time anymore haha. hope you're doing well and remember me, and a i miss you lots <3
    -tiggy (tig47498)


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