Sunday, September 2, 2018


hello jammers! i wanted to make this post to catch up with you guys because it's been about a month and a half since i officially said goodbye. i'm planning on doing a little giveaway in the future because i have some items of value that need new homes, but who knows when that will be. anyways, let me know in the comments how life is treating y'all.


  1. Life's treating me great! I'm glad you're still on sometimes. I really luv this BLOG

  2. Life is ok for me.. lol
    Wellllll I mean 9th grade is frustrating but I'll get over it somehow! :P
    I was really happy when i saw you post! :) I miss those days! (even if it was that long ago) Ready for fall tho!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I've been great! I'm staying in California for 5 months for school! I am very homesick, though; my family lives a long way away :(

    1. Yeah! :) I'm sad you left the blog, but I'm glad you're happy. Did you see that the new alpha, Juno, is canonly non-binary?! I thought that was really cool.

  4. Hi Naffy! I'm doing fine, :) (enjoying your movie review blog!)

  5. Hi Naffy! Space here! Life's good here. There's nothing new for sure... Well, Besides us getting a Kitten VERY VERY SOON! (And being in a Flash Flood warning...) Otherwise nothing much going on here... Also, I was wondering when we could meet on Animal Jam so I could Possibly Get my prizes. My Mom reminded me today. Btw, I Love your Movie blog! Its super handy! And Sadly, this is the end of this Comment. I hope we can get in touch soon. Btw, I sent you a buddy request on Webkinz. My User for Webkinz is Spacekatlvr154AJ. Come find me! I have to go now... See ya soon! SpaceKatLvr154 :3 P.S. STAY AMAZING!

  6. Oh hey!-talonflame80841

  7. Really missing your posts :(
    I'm fine but How're you?

  8. Hi Naffy :) I'm doing good. I'll miss your posts but I'm loving your movie review blog! Just glad that you're happy doing what you want to do.

  9. I really missed ur posts now that you have a new blog- It felt like years since you last updated. I'd love to join your giveaway, but our friendship is more important than rares :-)


  10. Life is treating me great! (sorry for the super late reply, I just never bothered to reply) - Goldenpotato (different username now xd, also my old aj account got banned from a failed membership transaction)

  11. Wow I haven't commented in FOREVER lol.



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