Monday, June 4, 2018

Fashion Show Results

Hi there! I am pleased to announce the winner of the Spring Fashion Show, who happens to be Blossom Theflower! Congratulations! Coming in second place is Artistic Redpride. If you entered as either one of these animals, please comment your username down below so I can give you your prizes. Thanks for participating!


  1. Hi! Space here! I'm Spacekatlvr154 AKA Blossom Theflower. Also, Artistic Redpride {If your reading this} You did Great! Your look was AWESOME! Nice job! Well, Ty again!:3 -Space-

  2. Ew

  3. Not the results I was expecting... but good job anyway!

  4. Naffy, are you going to do the Summer Fashion Show again? I entered one ages ago but somehow my penguin wearing a cheese ended up being entered instead of my wolf which I requested to be entered. Oh well! Anyway, please do because I would love to enter. You don't have to though! Please don't be pressured or something by my comment!

    - rainbowmagic2006

  5. Hey, this is Penguin. I made a new account with the same name so I could comment. Let's catch up when you have the time!


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