Friday, September 11, 2015

The Jamaasian Language

Hello, hello, and hello! Welcome back to the Animal Jam Whip, everybody! ^.^ Today I have a cool little history lesson prepared for y'all.

Do any of you remember when the very useful chalkboard was released in stores?

For only 400 gems, this item can be used for a lot of things. Too bad it's not sold anymore.

Despite all of this, the chalkboard has a unique meaning to it.

See the markings on the board? They look a bit like tally marks.

But if you can imagine it a certain way, these markings look a bit like actual words in what may be a different, idiosyncratic sort of language. Perhaps... a Jamaasian language!

So, what exactly could these words mean? Well, one theory is: "Welcome to class. This is tiger script." I can see why people would think this theory is true. If you look on the third row, the first few markings spell out "this is". Several other symbols as shown on the board look like real letters, too.

What other theories do you have? And, if you're feeling super smart, why not try and decode the markings?

Surprising enough, the chalkboard isn't the only place you can find these markings on. Take a peek:

The Beta books and Greely's Chalkboard have some markings on them, too. I've circled them with a virtual red pen to make them easier to spot. Also, I apologize for the bad picture quality. Darn those .JPG files! D:

That's a wrap for this post. If you have any thoughts on the Jamaasian language, leave them in the comments below. Thanks for reading, and keep whipping!


  1. That's cool!
    ty for pointing this out! ouo

  2. Woah! It does look like stuff is spelled on there! And did you notice one of the symbols on the chalkboard looks like a natural sign in music? Look up natural sign and you will see what I mean.

  3. That's really cool!!

  4. I never noticed it before!

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