Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Pink Dragon Story

Today I was thinking of the memories I had made while playing Animal Jam, and I can quite distinctly remember a certain friend of mine who is no longer on my buddy list. This post will explain the reason to just that.

The memory of this incident is so faint that I don't even know her username anymore, nor the fact whether or not she may still play AJ. I do remember that her main animal was a pink dragon, so we'll just call her "Dragon" from now on, okay?

Anyway, in the early winter of 2012, I ran the Ninja Seal Society. Pretty lame, right? It was simply a band of scam-catching seals that wore cheesy ninja outfits.

One day I was strolling through Jamaa, and I noticed a pink dragon dancing in the middle of the crowd, yelling something like, "SCAM-CATCHING CLUB! EXPERIENCED SCAM-CATCHERS ENROLLING AT MY DEN NOW!"

So, why couldn't I deny this amazing opportunity!?

At her den, we did some several trials to test our skills. The meeting came to a close with the results for the qualifying contestants.

I was chosen to be a part of the team, but a day later most of the other agents who had qualified for the job quit.

All that was left of the team was me, my friend partyanimalzz (Party), Dragon, and Dragon's little henchman "Coolguy".

We just decided to stick with it and go with the flow.

The next day we had our very first mission: to "arrest" a Jammer by the name of yellowfangleaderofshadowclan (Yellowfang). He was rude, selfish, and greedy.

When we confronted him, Party and I started out by telling him why it was important not to scam and not to do the things he was doing.

Meanwhile, Dragon and Coolguy were screaming their heads off at Yellowfang, shouting and cursing. I was appalled.

As we finally exited Yellowfang's den, Party and I talked the situation over.

"That was... interesting," I whispered, eyes still bulging from the sight.

"No kidding!" she replied with a big fat nod.

Since then an entire week had passed, and each day we confronted and tracked Yellowfang down. After we moved on from Yellowfang, we met another mischief-maker: kimbarly.

We spent that entire week punishing her for what crimes she'd done.

After weeks of work as a scam-catcher, our unlikely team decided to take a break for a few days and just hang out.

Well, one day I was "just hanging out" with Dragon in her ice fortress den, and somehow we came to the subject of Coolguy.

Dragon told me a secret about that dude: he scams. Duhhh...

But here's the catch. She also told me that Coolguy had personally forced her to scam with him. Huge shocker; not!

No one can force you to do anything! Every human has the free gift of agency, to choose for themselves, to choose right or wrong!

That could only mean one thing.

Deep down inside, Dragon and Coolguy were both scammers. And they created this scam-catching club to hide their true identity! Sound familiar, to those who were around last summer? Hmmm?

I grew angry with Dragon for lying about herself to my friends and I, so we got in a fight and ended up being enemies. I haven't talked with her - or seen her - since.

Do you have any stories about a friend that is no longer on your buddy list? Tell me in the comments below!

Bye everybody!


  1. I have a story about punkievamp but I've told you before

  2. I remember when I didn't know what scamming was, there was a person who had said "best trade wins my outfit!" So I, who really wanted their outfit, excitedly traded my rarest items, my rare headdress, my rare bow and arrow, my tail armor, and a purple phantom plushie. Then that evil person accepted, and left Jamaa Township. I was left dumbfounded, with a necklace replacing my favorite items. I still remember that scammers username, Firestaristheone. That was back in 2013. I got all my items back, but the hardest one to get was my rare headdress. It took me a year and a half!!! Now I always look out for scammers, and try to help those who have been scammed. -cyacheer

    1. I have a story that is exactly like yours.

      I was devastated when I got scammed.. I literally cried (I was so stupid back then XDD)

      I makes me really sad that the items the scammer took were from one of my favorite AJ bloggers at the time, who has now quit.

    2. Aww... That's sad :(-cyacheer

    3. I have a story too. I usually call it...

      The Sad Story of Queen Wildkrattsisawesome (you can call me wilde).

      I also call it...

      Why I Hate Hate Hate Hate Hate Hate Hate Bartering (NOT to be confused with trading) on Animal Jam...

      ... but that's a little much.

      Here goes...

      I was at my den, teaching a student that I called Flametooth. Then...*SHE* showed up. The one that changed my kind self into a cold-hearted trickster. Of course, I'm still nice, but sometimes... :shakes head in dissapointment and disgust: She said "OMG you have spring bunny items! Trade me for all of them, I won't accept it!" Then I said,"I would never trade my precious SP items! Of course not." (I spoke in full sentences back then) But, smart as I was, I said yes. I tried them one at a time, but NOOOOO... She told me "... all at once..." I accepted, then I got a stupid pumpkin throne for despair, heartbreak, and total REFORMATION! You can guess what happened. Then she unbuddied me and logged off, that bully! D`:

      ... how can I get them back now? Please help me! -wildkrattsisawesome

    4. ???

  3. Omb! I remember her! Her user was like Bekot or something like that. She was a punk, a real jerk. I remember she was still on my buddies list and we hung out occasionally and she was mean then...

  4. I had a friend named Coolguy3290.. he used to be a scammer. He would scam my friend awsomevideogirl. But then he became nice.

  5. I once knew a girl named Infinity. I remember that she had a peach and cream wolf with a peach fox had, a purple sword and orange leg armor on her wolf. I remember her being a person I could relate to. We both knew AJ wasn't a great game. We booth loved Greely's Inferno. We both we insperible without each other.

    I remember that she was a role player. A clanner. She used to put aside her role playing for me, but eventually she seemed to get busier and busier. She stopped having time for me. And, eventually, I stopped having time for her.

    I met another girl (who I'll refer to as Tron) who had the same good qualities as Infinity, but always seemed to have more time for me. There was never a time when we weren't together. Even though Infinity never met her, I had a feeling she was getting jealous. Whenever Infinity called me over to hang out, I was too busy playing with Tron.

    One day, Tron called me over for some help. She was building a giant dance club in her den and wanted people to come. She had no luck in Jamaa Township, so she wanted me to help her out. I left the den to go ask Infinity if she wanted to come. After all, I really wanted to hang out with her.

    Infinity was busy clanning, as usual, so she quickly shooed me away. But this time, it wasn't a "Sorry, me and my friends are busy clanning." It was more like a "Get out! I'm trying to roleplay here!"

    We got into a huge argument afterwards. She unbuddied me and probably blocked me and forced her friends to insult me and call me a scammer. I was shocked at the injustice of it all.

    To this day, Tron is still my buddy. Of course there are more bullies I absent-mindedly buddies, like ShadowClawXX and Hero the rare-obsessed freak, but Shadow will probably get her friends to gang up on me and continue swearing like the huge jerks they are.

  6. Once I knew this virtual friend I called "Rainbow" I helped her get away from some bullies one day so she automatically became friends. She was a blue tiger with black stripes and white underbelly. Then, one day she showed me her sister, Rameen, I called her "Rameen noodles" Rameen was a purple wolf with black splotches and white underbelly. We had the best of times! Until one day, Rainbow unbuddied me! I buddied her and she said "Oh rameen hacked into my account" I was like no! But as dumb as I was I fell for it. then the process happened over... and over... and over again. I got so mad I asked rameen noodles MYSELF why. She said "you copied my outfit" when my outfit looked nothing like hers! Okay, it had black splotches but that's the only part that looked similar! I got mad, and unbuddied rainbow. Rainbow yelled at me, and I blocked her, The end!
    -Lilystream Medicine cat of RiverClan

  7. I have a story! I had a friend whose username was Azalea1092. We hung out together, did The Forgotten Desert, and more. Then one day that I forget, she unbuddied me when I wasn't online! I sent her buddy requests back, and she didn't accept them. Then she blocked me. So I blocked her. The end.
    -Cheetah87516, who now has a new friend

  8. Woah! I would have never seen that coming!


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