Sunday, March 12, 2017

Party Pictures + Video

We had so much fun yesterday at the 825K views party! Big thanks to everyone who was able to make it. ^.^


  1. that was yesterday?
    Oops O.O I was thinking it was today O.o Oops. XD

  2. Lucky.. you don't have to remind me that I never get anything good in the adventures. Just kidding! Enjoy your collar! and congrats.

  3. O.0 *gasps* *stares wistfully* "that's lucky! the only computer in my house with AJ unblocked is my moms's, and it has technical issues resolved yesterday."

  4. Well I feel like an idiot. I was just scammed my entire Aparri wardrobe. But at least I'm smart enough to to know there just pixels. :P -akmlynx


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