Thursday, March 9, 2017

Animal Jam Music That NEED to Be Items

Have you ever listened to an Animal Jam soundtrack/OST/music that you thought would be perfect for your den? I certainly have! Here's a list of a few AJ soundtracks that I believe should be available for purchase. (Also, quick note: we desperately need more music slots.)

1. Hot Cocoa Hut
2. Gembreaker
3. Art Studio
4. Conservation Museum
5. Overflow
6. Double Up
7. Wolves Only Party
8. Tierney's Aquarium (without the screaming children)
9. Return of the Phantoms
10. Bitter Sweets: Swamp


  1. Those would all be awesome!!! and we totally do need more slots Xd
    I also think we need the masterpiece party song. :D

    1. Ikr?! EVERYTIME I purchase music, I have to recycle some music D:

  2. My favorite soundtrack is jam session!!! :D

  3. Replies
    1. I like Winter's Dance, Art Studio, Hot Cocoa Hut, and so much more. :D

  4. I never put the sound on for the games I play, but when I do, it's like 'woah.'


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