Saturday, March 18, 2017

Cougar Minibook Answers + Tiara Glitch

Hey Jammers! Cougars have arrived in Jamaa, which means there is a minibook for them in the Chamber of Knowledge. Most minibooks have a quiz at the end of them, and I'm here today to give you the answers to the cougar quiz! :)

Here they are!

If all five questions are answered correctly, you win a holographic cougar trophy!

Awesome! ^_^

Before I close off this post, check out this weird glitch I found when trying on a tiara on a cougar...

The colors are totally flip-flopped!

The minibook quiz answers will be added to the new minibook guide on the right hand side of the blog, and this glitch will be added to the glitches page.

Bye Jammers!

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  4. Beautiful cougar, Naffy! Hope this glitch gets fixed soon so your cougar-y glory will be restored!

  5. it doesnt work :(


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