Wednesday, April 27, 2016

New Plaques + Graphics

Hallo! :)

Today I've got a great post planned, so everybody listen up!

Animal Jam Headquarters recently made a very important announcement on Instagram, and included this picture along with their post:


It's about time, anyway. ^w^

Allow me to give a brief description of each plaque:

Fan Art Plaque: If your fan art is re-posted on the Animal Jam Instagram page, you will be given the Fan Art Plaque.
YouTuber Plaque (not exactly sure what the real name for this plaque is): Create amazing content on YouTube that Animal Jam Headquarters will see. Aparri, WisteriaMoon, and wolffeycat may already own this plaque for each hitting 100K subscribers.
Positive Player Plaque: By being helpful or kind in the Animal Jam community, you have a chance of winning the Positive Player Plaque. c:
Community Contest Plaque: Win an Instagram contest hosted by Animal Jam, and you will find a Community Contest Plaque sealed in a Jam-A-Gram!

Those are the four new plaques! I don't really like the YouTuber Plaque, though... I just feel like it's a bit too un-Animal Jam-ish.

Now for the graphics:

Thanks for reading!


  1. The only thing about the youtuber plaque is it's basically for famous jammers most people who have a YouTube channel for Aj wint have 100k I feel like that plaques kinda unfair all the others are good though but not many jammers can get if they don't have Instagram

    1. I know! I don't really like the whole YouTube plaque either. I mean, it just doesn't belong in Jamaa, you know? It seems like AJHQ is pressuring us to create YouTube and Instagram accounts. -.-

  2. Where do you get your signature from?

  3. Wow, I saw that last night while I was on Instagram! Starting fan-art for AJHQ now, any ideas?

  4. I don't have a instagram account, but i might get a Positive Player plaque (doubt it though) since i regularly give out spikes, betas, or just good items to random jammers. I still kind of think that a majority of the plaques are unfair to non-youtubers and jammers without instagram.


  5. that's off site stuff, and they're giving things for off site contests and trades? well that's new


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