Monday, April 18, 2016

New Owl Plushies

Have you seen the new owl plushies!? :o They're so adorable! Here is my collection, as of now:

From what I know, these plushies can only be won by playing the Owl Claw. Members have the opportunity to buy one in the Diamond Shop for 3 diamonds, or you can stop by my den for a quick play. ^.^


  1. OMG! They're so cute!-cheer

  2. Whoa! Another owl plushie graphic to make! (The Brown.)

  3. Awww! They should put them in the claw that all jammers can use

  4. Last time I checked, there wasn't an owl claw in your den......

    1. Oops! I must have swapped my den unknowingly. I'll fix that when I get the first chance I have. ;)

  5. D'awwwwww, these little owls are simply adorable! Congratulations on getting all of those owl plushies, whenever I do it nothing happens and I wasted 250 gems o.e

  6. aww so cute im buying the machine


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