Saturday, January 28, 2017

Thermometer Emoji?

Hi everyone! ^-^ Recently a fairly well-known Jammer named Alistairz posted a photo on his Instagram account of his sheep, but there's something a little bit odd about it.

The face has droopy eyes and a frown with a thermometer sticking out of its mouth, so you can easily assume that it's a sick emoji. However, the emoji isn't available in the emoji selection list.

So, is this a legitimate, unreleased emoji that Alistairz somehow has access to, or is this just a really good edit?

Alistairz claims that he, along with a bunch of other famous Jammers, were given this emoji as a gift from AJHQ. But if AJHQ really did give them that sick emoji, why did they do so? What is the purpose of that? Did they give them more than one emoji? Could we possibly receive a handful of new emojis in the next update, and the famous Jammers are just testing them out for now?

What do you think?

Thanks for reading, adios!


  1. I've grown to kinda hate famous jammers. AJHQ gives them way more privliges than members and non members. I was scammed of a few items a while back so i contacted AJHQ. Nothing happened. Aparri loses some items and AJHQ scrambles to fix it like it was new. And if the what Alistairz claims it true, it just means they get even more special perks! It all just seems really unfair.

    1. You have a good, solid argument right there.

    2. True, but they did ban Skorm, and I feel they'd treat Aparri the same way if he sold items (again, I mean). I assume these emotes are just being tested, but I feel its actually a photoshop. Julian or Aparri would have covered it in a video, and lets be real, AJHQ wouldn't give Alistairz this feature. They'd only give it to the Jambassadors.

  2. hmmm the picture seems a bit fuzzy .....
    *King Tough Bunny

    1. I noticed that too. Also the mouth is a bit off center, so that may mean the face was photoshopped. Also, they have a magenta sheep cloak, so they may as well be a hacker.


    2. The magenta sheep cloak isn't hacked, just a glitched item :P
      I do agree in that it was probably photoshop..


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