Saturday, January 14, 2017

Animal Jam Pet Wash and Cotton Candy Hut Toys

Hi Jammers! There is yet another fresh, new release of Animal Jam toys, and this time there isn't one play set, but two! :D

They are the pet wash and cotton candy hut.

Each of these sets come with two unique pet figurines, as well as interchangeable accessories and a special code that you can redeem online for a prize.

Speaking of prizes, the pet wash code gives you your very own pet wash hut for your den, and the cotton candy hut code gives you your very own cotton candy hut for your den. Pretty self-explanatory, right?

For more information, watch Shopking's unboxing video below:

Thanks for reading. Adios, amigos!




  2. I NEED the cotton candy hut. Hopefully they have it when I head to the entertainer next week :0


  3. Where do you get them because I can't find them anywhere lol

    1. I think they're sold at the same places you would buy any AJ toys, aka Walmart, Target, Toys R Us, etc. It all depends on where you live though. And, if you're unlucky at the store, online shopping might be an -alternate option.

    2. You actually can't buy them in stores yet, but you might be able to find them online. However they are usually quite low in stock.

  4. Animal jam toys just keep getting better and better. I wonder how much they cost!

    1. Yeah! I think they're so cute, especially the virtual prizes.

  5. I bought these sets WAY BEFORE anyone reviewed them.....woah my Walmart is ON FIRE! They were like 11 dollars I won't say what the prizes of the codes are ok

  6. I saw my buddy on Animal Jam with the pet wash hut on her trade list i asked where did she get it and she said she traded it. I am wondering where the pet wash hut item came from and how do you get it? Can someone please tell me?


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