Monday, July 24, 2017

Kit, the Animal Jam Merchandise Fox


Hello Jammers! :)

Do you remember the Animal Jam merchandise post from several days ago? If you do, then that's great, because today's post will sort of build off of that post. ^.^

Have you ever noticed that on almost every single piece of Animal Jam merchandise, there is this purple and yellow fox somewhere on the packaging?

Above are just a few examples. Apologies for my horrible circling skills. :P

You can even find this mysterious character in the new 2017 trailer for Animal Jam itself. Just look it up on YouTube!

I've always wondered who exactly this fox is, and why I keep seeing it all over the place.

Well, thanks to AJKraft, we've finally been able to receive some information about this character, through the Animal Jam themed version of the classic Top Trumps game.

In the preview pictures for this product on Amazon UK, there is a special card that talks about this sly fox.

According to this card, the fox's name is Kit! She loves everything about Jamaa; playing fun games, meeting new buddies, decorating her den, etc. Apparently she is also very intelligent and adventurous, but doesn't have that much of a sense of style. Interesting...

Well, at least now I know exactly who Kit is. It would be nice to know why she's such an icon on Animal Jam advertising and marketing, but I suppose what little information we've got so far will do.

Thanks for reading. Happy jamming!


  1. Oh my gosh, I noticed the fox before! Thank you for making it clear who she is.

    1. You're welcome! Even though I don't have that much information about her, I'm glad you enjoyed the post. :P

  2. I think the fox that comes with the princess den toy set is her.

  3. Maybe they chose her cause maybe she loves Jamaa the mostXD

  4. Hmm, interesting! I've never heard of the game Top Trumps before XD What's it about exactly..? I know that about a year or two ago, it was said that AJHQ was working on an AJ trading cards game. Maybe this is what they meant?

    1. I honestly have no idea how to play Top Trumps. :P About the trading card thing, personally I hope this isn't what they were working on (I'm hoping they come in little packs you can buy like Webkinz trading cards), but if it is, then that's great too!

    2. Ok so I'll explain Top Trumps.
      Basically, you buy a set of cards around a particular theme, eg Animal Jam. Each set of cards has different things a character will score out of, eg for animal jam it's adventure, intelligence etc. Two or more players will split the cards in a pack between them, and one player will choose a score, eg Style. Whoever has the highest score for style wins the other players cards. If you lose all your cards, you're out.


  5. naffy dont worry make ME an author ill cover your posts for the week

  6. I would run away from this blog is you coverd for this blog.

  7. Naffy-
    Kit's on the cover of the National Geographic 2018 almanac



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