Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Unreleased Items in Sir Gilbert's Palace Den

Hi Jammers! ^.^

On the top of the Epic Dens list is a den that AJHQ has decorated, and it stays there for a little while. It doesn't change every now and then like the rest of the list. Like most of the dens AJHQ decorates, there are some strange items in there that you may have never seen before. Let's check 'em out!

These cute little tents!

This neat looking desk.

This strange green mushroom chair. o.o

Can you spot any other items that you think might be unreleased?

Bye bye!


  1. The desk is released, it's from the new adventure.

  2. The tree-lings with the tiny tents! They are so beautiful, I would definitely buy some!

  3. Om I need that desk so much.

    Since pokemonygirl said its in the adventure, if anyone who can actually do that adventure without lagging could get one, I'd be happy to trade some good stuff for it :P


  4. OMG! These are super neat! Love the desk! :D

  5. I have the desk its in the top right chest in the new adventure :)


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