Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Animal Jam Dress Up Closet Toy Review

Hey guys! Welcome back to the AJW! :)

Today, I'm going to be reviewing the Animal Jam Dress Up Closet. You can find it at any store that sells AJ merchandise for about $15.00.

Let's start!

This is what the unopened box looks like from the outside.

After taking off the wrapping, this is the result. The doors open up to reveal a cool little dressing room for your AJ figurines and pets. It even comes with a drawer to store your accessories.

The toy also comes with a giraffe figurine, a pet elephant, and two accessories.

Ta-da! ^_^

Like all AJ toys, this comes with a secret code that unlocks a virtual item for your den, which is an elegant vanity.

Thanks for reading! Goodbye!


  1. Ooo that giraffe and elephant are adorable!!!

  2. So basically, Servalzzz exposed the group 'cos he was sick of the pressure of the team duping, and TheAnimalAJ21 and rozzo were so annoyed with him, they hacked into servalzzz's gmail, his mums gmail, his phone number and his dads phone number.


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