Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Last Post of 2016

Hi Jammers! It's New Year's Eve! :)

2016 was a great year for Animal Jam. Many new pets, animals, and features were added... things that changed the game for the better. My favorite new addition of 2016 to AJ was definitely the masterpieces. What was yours? :)


  1. My favourite addition to the game was also masterpieces I guess. To be honest the new additions are cool, but I don't spend much tie on them XD

  2. Hey Naff :)

    I made a GIF on "The Story"

  3. My favorite thing was AJHQ participaing in AJ. Amazing last post! Hope to see this blog improve even more than it is right now next year! ~Addygym/num

  4. Mine was the masterpieces too, I never really thought about it so this is my answer.
    Ps, I'll post another comment after I think about it more.

  5. Happy New Year!! My favourite this year (Not related to AJ, hope that's allowed D: ) is hanging out with friends on my games, and reading posts here :D


    P.S Thanks so much for making this website :D

  6. Masterpieces! :D (AJ Adventurer)

  7. Masterpieces being available for EVERYONE

  8. highlight of the year
    Alistairz drama.

    GET IT

    no but seriously you were the best part <3

      I GEDDIT!!!

      the whole highlighter drama gets me everytiem ;3

      you're my best part too :)

    2. This comment is a work of art.

      why alistairz. Now whenever out teacher tells us to highlight verbs I have to stifle a laugh.



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