Friday, December 23, 2016

The Golden Bunny

Hi Jammers!

Remember that one new toy I told you guys about a week or so ago with a bunch of different pet figurines? Inside of that box is a promo code that gives you a golden pet bunny!

It's very cute! It kind of reminds me of the Founder's Bunny from Tunnel Town, only the Founder's Bunny is much cuter

Image result for founders bunny


What do you guys think of this golden bunny? Is it worth anything as of now?

Have a nice day. Goodbye!


  1. All this does is make me more curious what the Argos exclusive pet set gives. I might buy it with some Christmas money.


  2. It's so derpy and kawaii at the same time! I loaf it! -akmlynx

  3. I want it!! Do you have an extra that I could have *puppy eyes*

    1. I don't own a golden bunny pet, if that's what you're asking. Sorry! :(

    2. omg its so cute, are there other golden pets?

    3. can you still get the toy promo code in 2017? i REALLY want a gold bunny!

  4. yes there are golden pigs too

    1. Actually gold pigs are not rare their gold color is from the hat if you take off the hat on a gold pig it becomes a normal pet pig

  5. a potato flew around my room

  6. Some people say that they are worth a black long, maybe a short, I dont really know...

  7. Lillian ChristianMay 8, 2017 at 4:33 PM

    I have it :) Anyone want to trade with me? My user is sabrinac06

  8. i have. would like a Groundhog or any long collar no orange thou. jag if deal ok? use is Wellington889


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