Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Sticking to the Old Plan!

Update: Give me ideas and suggestions for posts in the comments! My brain is dry.

So... I was thinking of quitting both Animal Jam and this blog for a while.

The reason is because Animal Jam doesn't have a lot to offer after playing it for as long as I have.

But then I realized what makes it fun (for me at least): messing around with people!

If you've ever seen my video series "The Ice Cream Angel", well, that will give you a laugh.

I love seeing people's reactions when I dress up like a complete idiot and sell my organic ice cream flavors, made from only toenails, nose hairs, mucus, and shaving cream! More flavors to come soon. >:D

Anyway, I've decided to keep playing Animal Jam as often as I want to. That doesn't mean every day.

And I will continue this blog, but I will only post when I feel like it.

I guess we're sticking to the old plan, aye?

Arr, now go swap the poop deck!

(Wow, haven't used that signature in a long time. o.o)


  1. Helooooo!
    You're finally back! (to post at least)

  2. Maybe you could find people that are falling in love on AJ and then say stupid funny stuff to them? That's what's I always enjoy doing just randomly seeing people in love and being like... Aww. Have a great life together

  3. Here is an idea.. Why I hate Webkinz X

    1. Webkinz X wasn't horrible, actually. Although it didn't add all that much and I honestly preferred the old layout...

  4. Yay!! :D

  5. post about the nintendo ds version of animal jam

    1. I like all of your ideas! But... could you explain to me what you mean by Nintendo DS version of AJ, Anonymous?

    2. Perhaps they're confused with Play Wild or Animal CROSSING?

    3. Ya since when is there a DS version of AJ?

    4. They mean that one poll a long time ago, "Which would you like to see?" Or whatever it was. It had different options, and one of them was an "Animal Jam Nintendo DS game"

      I only kinda remember seeing it on the poll, but all I remember is that they never made a Nintendo DS Animal Jam game.

  6. "And I will continue this blog, but I will only post when I feel like it."

    This is what I really want to start doing. I'm losing interest in AJ but at the same time I don't want to quit. I don't enjoy having to quickly come up with something probably boring to post about everyday

    1. If that's what you want to do, do it! Right now I'm having a stress-free life because I'm not posting constantly. Even though it's summer and I'm not in school until late August, I'm having a much nicer summer than last year.

  7. Ooooooh naffy? I have a question..... What does this face mean? o.o
    Hey you make have a mouth...

  8. Hey Jammers! My name is Wolfetter, and I own a blog called the Animal Jam Bubble! I try to update most days,
    And always attempt to put a smile on your face. To visit this blog, click the link below!
    Enjoy your day, and I
    hope to see you on my blog.
    Xx, Wolfetter


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