Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Play Wild is Out!

Hey Jammers! I've got some exciting news today!

My friend cyacheer informed me that Play Wild, yes, THE Play Wild has been released for American users on the iPad! Hooray! Now we don't have to worry about switching countries anymore. ;)


  1. That's good! Comment if you have play wild and what your user on playwild is?

  2. You're welcome for telling you about it :D. Sadly I can't get it till Thursday :(. It looks cool though!-cyacheer

  3. I play the game in beta, and it was total junk. I think I'll post about its problems sometime.

  4. Balaur, please stop saying it's junk. Everybody has an opinion but I'm just saying.
    If you hate it so much, why do you comment about it? I'm sorry I sound cruel, but I'm just doing this because some people think when your saying a mean opinion, they just don't enjoy seeing those comments. I'm sorry, but I'm just saying. Thanks... ~Umbreon (Jammer3fvm)

  5. Yay its out but I cant get it.Also I might use some pictures on your graphics page for YouTube thumbnails.


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