Sunday, April 22, 2018

National Geographic Is No Longer Partnered With WildWorks

*via DoomyPanda of the Animal Jam Stream*

The following letter was a response to an email sent by DoomyPanda in hopes of receiving official confirmation from WildWorks whether or not WildWorks and National Geographic had cut ties between their partnership.


We're so glad you think our game is awesome - we try!

National Geographic and Wildworks have mutually agreed to end the
license agreement for use of the National Geographic name and trademarks in association with the Animal Jam virtual world.

We hope this helps.

All the Best,


  1. Make sure me a lil sad homestly

  2. Something that took me a while to realize is that this is not actually the end of educational content on AJ. In fact, most of educational stuff on AJ does NOT come from Nat Geo.

    Also, AJHQ has said that they are "continuing to explore partnerships" with educational resources.

    I just wanted to clarify this because when I first heard about AJ breaking ties with Nat Geo I freaked out pretty badly XD


  3. Thats sad! AJHQ are also taking most of the items from the conservation museum apart from 2 of them...
    And thats just sad! But when was the last time NatGeo do anything to the game....? They added Teriny Thys and Brady barr yearrss agooo
    (Oh wait what about the vet person... Gabby! From the Medical Centre)
    I dont know what else to say )

  4. wow.
    That's kinda sad. no wonder there it is becoming less ans less educational. I hope my membership doesn't end! that is pretty much y I had it cuz my parents was supporting Nat Geo. (idk y though) Oh, and i hope i can make the party! :)

  5. Oh no :(

    - whiteseal187 AJ

    1. My user is Yellowseal5! haha similar usernames

  6. thats kinda sad honestly... Seriously, my mom only let me play AJ because it was educational, partly, and because it a from NatGEO... This kinda surprises me

  7. tbh, Animal Jam is falling apart. It's dying. Wildworks is desperate to keep people interested and make money by selling unnecessary merch and adding lots more members only options.
    It's not the same AJ i joined in 2015


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