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Monday, August 15, 2016

Animal Jam Toy Ads

Hey there!

Ergh... it's the final week of summer for me. These three months have gone by so fast! :,(


The other day I was exploring the vast world of the internet when suddenly an advertisement on YouTube popped up.

The ad was a little stop motion of some very small figurines that looked strikingly familiar...

That's when I realized the toys being used in the stop motion were Animal Jam pets from the Adopt-A-Pet play houses! :o

Correct you are, my friends - Jazwares is now releasing Animal Jam toy advertisement videos across the internet through places such as YouTube.

Here is one that I extracted from Jazwares' channel:

It looks like a commercial you would see on Nickelodeon or Disney Junior or something. o.0 The song in the background is quite interesting as well.

Eh, what am I to judge? ;p

What do you think of this particular toy advertisement? Do you think we may see Animal Jam commercials on TV someday? Let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comments. ^.^



  1. You get three months of summer? Here we barely get one month. We started weeks ago. Consider yourself lucky.

    I kinda think they should have the toy ads on tv, but at the same time I think it's better they stay on the internet.

    1. Oh wow! In that case, I suppose I am sort of lucky.

  2. 030
    What did I just see? Just, that song. I'm cringing. HELP.

  3. I'm just really disappointed that Animal Jam isn't at least using recycled plastic to make those toys.
    Julian2 (I don't really like him because of something he did in the past; not sure if he apologised) made a really good video on AJ toys and I agree with him. It's worth a watch.

    1. I think I may have watched a little bit of that video before... let me go and watch it again.

  4. And they still haven't released them where I live yetD: But they are suppose near the end of August. I have a few questions for your NAFFY, now that your back! 1. What is the sight you used for the AJ button in the side of your blog? 2. Do you know how to switch the older posts and newer posts buttons to pictures?

    1. 1. What exactly do you mean? The little Play Wild button or the Animal Jam Whip logo?
      2. Unfortunately, I don't. :( I'm sorry!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Thats really cheesy sounding. Lol.

    1. It sounds like the opposite of animal jam. It sounds like an ad for Shopkins.

  7. I've seen AJ adverts on the TV and on youtube before. They're quite.. Cringy.

    It says somethin like
    "welcome to animal jam, where you can be your favourite animal! Make a fashion statement with tons of awesome accessories!"
    More like
    "welcome to animal jam! A game where you watch your kid's brain rot away!"

    Funny story-last year I was in Wilko and they had a standee type thing selling memberships for AJ, club penguin and like Moshi monsters or something. It said
    Its like its promoting kids to stay inside on their computers when the sun is shining...


    1. Cringy, yes. That's the right word.

    2. I agree totally.

    3. Its kind of sad because I see animal jam ads and they say " there are TONS of things to do!" or whatever. And in my my mind its like " There are TONS of things to do on animal jam! Like rot your brain out and be bored!" >:0

  8. That advertisement feels like it's for MLP.

  9. 0.0 what.......... Sounds like a way to drive away subscribers from youtube... And EVEN I could make that sort of video, there wasnt much to it...I think I'm gonna puke -Misterfrizzy-

  10. To be honest, it sounds a bit cheesy, and whoever said anything about not using recycled plastic up there ^ I agree. I mean, come on! AJ is teaching about the environment, and then suddenly they make toys with recycled plastic, it's as if they are teaching it and not applying it.

    Sorry if I sound rude.


  11. Who else tried to type in the code shown in the video? Just me? Kay.

  12. I saw that one too

  13. I was wondering if people tried that...


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