Thursday, August 10, 2017

Animal Jam Bunny Costume

Hello Jammers! This is sort of old news, but did you know that THIS horrific thing exists...?

Image result for animal jam girls bunny costume

Yep. It sure does. It's an Animal Jam Girls' Bunny Costume, and you can buy it at Target for about $25.00. Actually, according to the Target website, the product's full name is ''Fabulous Girls' Animal Jam Enchanted Magic Bunny Costume.

Oh, and just so you know, the dress has a little rabbit tail on the back.

Honestly, if I saw a little kid wearing this for Halloween, I would probably die of laughter. None of this is meant to be taken offensively, by the way.

That's all for today. Bye bye!


  1. Wot? 0-0 That's a bit crazy............. Although I'm pretty sure that some younger kids wouldn't mind it......


    1. Yeah, little kids would be excited about this, but in my opinion I'm just horrified.

  2. Yes, I did know that horrific bunny costume exists

  3. Bunnies are really cute, but this is way to girly.

  4. more costumes here!!!!!1!

    1. oh!!! my!!! gosh!!1!11!!! MUST MAKE A POST ASAP

    2. :O Too Far, Too Far!!! -siren alarm-
      This is getting a tad awkward...........


  5. Scared.
    It would be like this
    Little kid: TREAT OR TREAT!
    You: *starts laughing*
    Little Kid: What?
    You: S-s-s-sorry its just-*laughs*
    Little Kid: Whats the matter? :c
    You: *burst out laughing and throws candy*

    1. I would be more like ''SCREECH!!! *throws candy at kid's face* GET OFF MY LAWN!!!''

  6. This is way too girly. I would die if I saw somebody wearing this. I would die if I knew somebody around here had even bought it.

  7. That costume is scarier than the new Conjuring movie :P -akmlynx

  8. Well then
    That little girl killed an innocent animal jam bunny to wear its corpse...

    New horror movie.



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