Wednesday, June 21, 2017

AJW Summer Carnival Giveaway #3

Hey Jammers! Welcome back for the third giveaway of the AJW Summer Carnival! :)

Yesterday, the winner was violet86721! The randomly chosen number was 95, and her number was 38. The correct answer to yesterday's question was false. Back when the AJW was just starting out, it was known as the Webkinz Whip, and my very first background for it was a rainbow template.

I fooled most of you, didn't I? :P

Today, I am giving away a viking hat!

All you have to do to enter is answer the question on the image below, and leave your username, status (member or non-member), a number between 1-100, and your answer to the question. Good luck!


  1. Username: Nafaria8
    Status: Non member
    Answer: September
    Ans: 13

  2. September 2011! it was a few months after i joined!

  3. Answer: September, 2011
    User: lostfairy
    Status: member
    Number: 68

  4. User: Purplestarclub
    Status: Member
    Answer: In September, 2011?
    Number: 80

  5. I feel so confused!!! I really don't know the answer!!!

  6. Three ocean areas were added in September 2011. Kani Cove was released in October 2011.
    My username is: Emberwolf8070 (I'm member!)
    My number is 42. :)

  7. I kinda asked you whether you meant the Aj whip or Webkinz whip, because you did write "The AJ whip". Anyways, I aj nerdyness myself, Henrythegreat4, believe that the Oceans came out in mid-September 2011 alongside sharks and dolphins (I'm a nerd). I choose the number 50

    1. Sorry about that! I should've been a bit more clear.

  8. wait animal jam has oceans?

  9. september 2011. Rosydaisy30603, member. #73.

  10. Username: Clara88
    Number: 42
    Stats: Member
    Answer: September, 2011

  11. September 15th, 2011 (Crystal Sands, Bahari Bay, and Deep Blue), October 27th, 2011 (Kani Cove)


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