Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Summer Den Design Contest Entry Compilation

Hello Jammers! ^.^ The 900K Views Summer Den Design contest recently came to a close, and with that I promised to make a compilation of all the entries I recieved.

Let me tell you, everyone's dens were absolutely amazing! I was stunned by the decorating skills you guys have! :)

Congratulations to those who received prizes, but in my eyes, everyone who participated is a true winner!

Now, onto the showcase...









Once again, BIG THANKS to everyone who entered! Y'all are great!

Thanks for reading! Stay safe and play wild.


  1. They're so good! (Henrythegreat4)

  2. They all look so cool and summery!!

  3. Awesome! I've been waiting for this post! All of the dens looks awesome O.O

  4. How do I decorate the gigantic den I just got?

    1. Probably with tons of items and lots of time.

    2. whoops, just realized I used my youtube account to comment instead of my normal gmail account.. ^_^

  5. OOH! They all look so great! Now that I see mine, it doesn't look all that summery. It looks more like the spring going into the fall, cause of the trees. If I had the green trees, it may have looked much better. Thank you so much for taking the time to have a great blog, keeping up with fans, and posting one to two times a day. I look forward to reading tomorrows post!!! ~ Clara88

    1. Thank you so much Clara! Your den was awesome!


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