Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Viewer Appreciation Post

Lately I've been thinking a lot about my viewers and how much they mean to me. And with all of the friendship festivities coming to a close, what better way to end the celebration with a solid, good ol' viewer appreciation post? :)

I just wanted to take the time and say thank you to everyone who views and comments on this blog. I'll now name off a few people who I am especially grateful for (in no particular order).

cuddly6342 (Nafaria8)
Cosmic Cheetah
Awesomecutesmiles AJ
Chanel Gift
Flora Cutegirl


Wow... I only meant to name off a few, but I guess I got a little carried away by each of you guys' awesomeness!

Once again, thanks for being such great Whippers. ^.^

Signing off...



  1. Your welcome :D

    Keep up your awesome blog!!!


  2. Aww, thanks for adding me, Naffy!! ^.^ Your blog is always a joy to read!

  3. aaaaahh!! Thanks, Naf! I appreciate you and your blog too!

  4. What about me, Scar?
    Its okay i know im not that great...... :c

    1. Oh, don't take it that way. You're plenty great! :)

  5. cries in corner
    im not on there :(

    1. Don't feel hurt if you're not on the list! I still appreciate your amazing support.

  6. I saw me :D I'm sorry I haven't commented in a while, I still view it every day

  7. Aw thanks! Your one of my best buds on AJ

  8. Omg Naffy! Tysm, I enjoy getting all your updates of the animal jam world.

    P.S. my aj name is animalloverpeytonp

  9. W0w I'm pretty shocked to be on this list

    Three years ago I would never have thought you'd know I existed XD
    Ik this sounds really cheesy but when I was 10 I admired this blog so much owo
    I remember being really sad when you were going to quit back in, I think late 2014? Idk...
    I'm really grateful for how much effort you put into this blog
    Idk what else to write so um
    Today I was shopping and I saw the fuzziest plush chicken I have ever seen and I seriously need it


  10. OMG HOW DID I GET ON THERE?! I've only commented a few times! (Because I don't want people to get mad at me for my opinions. I have noticed the AJ community doesn't like potatoes/Aparri fans :cri: and doesn't like random people or non-members or people who are "new." I joined in 2015 around this time, and yes, the people in google+ AJ think jammers like me are new, and I'm too embarrassed to make an intro post even though I joined Google+ like half a year ago) Sorry if this was too long! (and that was pretty much a rant there) :sighs: Sometimes I just write too much. And here I go now lol. The AJ community doesn't like change. I wonder why that is. I guess too many of them are just, I guess... "Stuck in the past". Take the new spikes. Others think "UGH ITS JUST ANOTHER BAD ITEM UGH!!! AJHQ NEED TO BE MORE CREATIVE" while I think "Oh, can't you guys just give AJHQ some credit? AND you need to think about other jammers' feelings too. Some people LIKE spikes!" (Like my friend who just recently became member) Sooo... Yeah. And here's another topic: APARRI! YEEE! ugh. Okay. So, guys? Can't you just please forgive him? Sure, he does a little clickbait. I think that's annoying too. And the copied vids? Yeah, also annoying. The scribble? Ew. But can we just appreciate that he is NICE? His videos make my day. And I'm not saying that as one of those cringy fangirls. I'm saying that as a jammer who thinks that everyone should stop arguing over JISTERIA and WISTPARRI! I'm saying that as a jammer who thinks Skorm was RIGHTFULLY BANNED. (Lookin at you, cringe Skorm fan ppl who think Skorm should get a second chance.) SKORM BROKE THE LAW! (Or I think he did. :Shrugs:) And those of you who think Aparri should be banned for scamming because Skorm was banned too: Here you go: Skorm broke the LAW. Aparri WAS a scammer. WAS. He said sorry. And for people who said "SKORM SAID SORRY TOO", Skorm's crime was unbelievable. Aparri scammed lots of items, sure. He makes thousands of kids and teens happy every day. He lifted me up after my grandpa died. He is my source of comfort over the piles of homework I have every week. You guys who claim "I KNOW APARRI AN HE SCAMMED MY BFFS BLACK LONG" are probably lying. I don't get why you can't accept a new Youtuber into your AJ community. We can still keep Julian2 in our life and still like Aparri. That's how I live. Please don't put hate on me for this. I'm just stating my opinion on the AJ community. And one last topic to talk about: ART! All I see around the AJ community is ART. It's annoying. I want to read quality posts on Google+ about hidden secrets, or the new update. Not "OH SO AND SO I'M ALMOST DONE WITH YOUR COMMISSION" or "HEY I"M DOING AN ART CONTEST! PLZ JOIN!" or any complaints about how they should upgrade the art studio. Yeah, I've seen a post about that. Can you stop complaining about something that won't even benefit the other side of the AJ community? And some people that are in the community are just... I don't know... Weird. I think you've seen at least one of them. IF YOU GOT ALL THE WAY DOWN HERE, THANKS FOR READING MAH RANT ON SOME ANIMAL JAM TOPICS! So, anyways, Naffy, TYSM for putting me on the list! ~awesomecutesmiles ;P

  11. Your welcome Naffy! :D (Sorry I'm commenting late)
    Btw, what does your room IRL look like? I need da details for my story XD

    1. Well, the walls are all different shades of blue, I have a dresser, a beanbag, a desk, a few storage bins for my stuffed animals, a bed...

  12. Aww thanks Naffy! This blog is amazing to read. :) -akmlynx

  13. I hope this blog can run for many more years to come! I know your birthday's a while off, but I'll be making you a special gift like I always do!

    1. Aww, thanks so much Cheer! You've been such a loyal, good friend to me for a long time. You're amazing!

  14. I liked this post so much, I bookmarked it. ^_^

  15. Wow naffy this is really nice i'm so glad that you made the animal jam whip



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